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Art Gallery

Thank You

 As an independent initiative created and fully funded by entrepreneur Alexandra Smith, this platform is a labor of love aimed at fostering a thriving arts community and establishing Charlotte as a hub for creatives and art enthusiasts. Alexandra volunteers hours each week to operate this site as a free resource. Your support is extremely appreciated!

Why Support Us?

A woman browses artworks in an art exhibition at The Light Factory in Uptown Charlotte. Art in Charlotte.

Local Artists

Many talented artists lack the resources to promote their work beyond their social circles. Your support ensures they get the visibility they deserve.

The watertower at Camp North End lit up at night. CNE is an art-lover's paradise packed with murals and colorful installation

Fuel the

Contribute to a movement dedicated to reshaping perceptions, challenging stereotypes, and celebrating the rich tapestry of creativity that defines Charlotte.

Patrons browse art in a group exhibition at a gallery in Charlotte, NC

Event Coverage

Charlotte's artists deserve comprehensive event coverage. With your support, we can continue to spend the time needed to make sure every visual art event is included.

Graffiti Wall

How You Can Help

Spread the Word: Share on your social media platforms, and let your friends, family, and colleagues know about this invaluable resource.


Attend Local Events: Your presence at local art events not only supports artists but also contributes to the vibrant and dynamic arts community we are building together. 


Contribute Financially: Sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available for targeted reach on web, email, and Instagram. 

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