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Who is Behind This?

ArtintheQC is the brainchild of Charlotte entrepreneur Alexandra Smith. Alexandra founded Squash Blossom Social in 2020 to serve those in the visual arts as a marketer, coach, and consultant. Since then, she has worked with dozens of artists and art organizations in the Charlotte area, including the McColl Center and Blumenthal Performing Arts Center. She believes there is tremendous potential for the Queen City to become an arts destination.

Stencil Coloring

What Sets Us Apart

Most artists don't have the time, energy, or marketing team to submit to local event calendars. For that same reason, they typically don't promote events beyond their social sphere. 

 We spend hours each week finding ALL the visual art events for you so no one misses out. Charlotte artists deserve comprehensive event coverage!

Painting Equipments


We acknowledge that every creative spark contributes to a more colorful and dynamic community. With this platform, we hope to highlight the vibrant diversity of the Charlotte visual art scene and make sure the city is known for artistic excellence.

We envision a Charlotte where art is not only appreciated, but also celebrated. Guided by a commitment to advocacy, community, and innovation, we seek to reshape perceptions, challenge stereotypes, and reveal the rich tapestry of creativity that defines our city.

Flowered Skyline 2 (20230317021117).png

Artist: Bambi

Get Weekly Updates

Weekend event roundups every Friday morning on Instagram @artintheqc! Want to plan farther out? Sign up for emails for help with planning your creative week. They go out every 1st and 3rd Monday.


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